Elite Novice


New to CPA our full season Elite Novice for U6 & U8


Similarities between Fall/Winter Novice & Elite Novice:

      No Experience or Tryout Required, but some experience preferred
                    Ages 4-5 (Born 2018-2020) & 6-8 (Born 2016-2018)
          Not Ranked at Competitions
          Rented Uniform





          Differences between Fall/Winter Novice & Elite Novice:

          • Fall/Winter has 2 sessions. One from September-December & the second from January-April vs a Full Season (September-April) for Elite Novice
          • Fall/Winter attends 1 Competition at the end of each session vs 4 competitions for Elite Novice
          • Fall/Winter Novice practices 1 x per week vs 2 x per week for Elite Novice

          Main Points

          While Pebbles & Emerald have always been under the banner of All Star Prep, the main difference is that they have always been rated at competitions (Outstanding, Excellent, Superior Performances) vs Ranked (Given a Placing of First, Second, Third etc), making Pebbles & Emerald more similar to our Novice Program than All Star Prep.

          We recently made the decision to make this distinction clear to families and now give them the option to register for a 1/2 season (Fall and/or Winter Session) of Novice, or a Full Season of Elite Novice.  The two teams, still Pebbles & Emerald will be treated like all other full season All Star Prep teams and practice twice a week, attend 4 competitions, BUT rent their uniforms vs purchase them.