All Star Prep

We can't wait to get started on another incredible year full of fun! The All Star Prep season officially begins in September and runs until April 2021.

We plan on fielding 3 All Star Prep teams: Mini Emerald; Youth Pearl; and Junior Ruby. Should there be enough interest, a Senior All Star Prep team will be offered as well. These teams practice once a week for 2 hours and will attend 4 close to home competitions. All Star Prep is an entry level program, so there are no team placements. Athletes will be automatically placed on a team based on age. This program has a lower commitment than the Competitive Program, however attendance is still mandatory, and extremely important for the success of the team.

Although the season "officially" begins in September, we also offer, and highly recommend both May Level Practices and Summer Practices for our All Star Prep athletes.

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