Jewelry Policy


  • New Jewelry/Piercings: We kindly ask that your athlete does not get any new sort of piercing in the middle of the season.  It absolutely MUST be taken out at any competition and we do not wish to force this situation where the piercing may close over causing arguments and tears.
  • Jewelry at Competitions: When it comes to jewelry there is a rule at competitions that jewelry CANNOT be worn.  It is not CPA's rule, it is a rule of the International All Star Federation (IASF) that is mandated to all Event Producers to enforce. Any jewelry seen in any athlete (ears, tounge, belly button, nose etc) will elicit a deduction for the team by the judges. 
  • Jewelry/Piercings at Practices: At practices we generally ask that all athletes do not wear jewelry.  It protects everyone from potential injuries from fingers getting caught, cuts, as well as the potential for any piercing being ripped out.

If this request is met with arguments and refusals by athletes and parents at practices you, as the parent, acknowledge the risk that is taken by your athlete and the potential injury that may incur due to this refusal.