COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policies

Please review the following policies before visiting CPA for your scheduled lesson/class/assessment.

Updated 13/6/2020



Before Entering CPA

  • An Athlete/Family COVID-19 Screening Form must be completed before anyone is able to enter the gym. CLICK HERE to fill it out. This must be done for EACH visit.
  • A Declaration of Compliance for COVID-19 must be completed and handed in at your first visit. CLICK HERE
  • No bags (unless medically required)
  • Arrive ready to practice with cheer shoes on
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Please wait on the designated markers outside the Staff Door
  • Only 1 athlete will enter at a time
  • Lobby is closed to parents during classes/lessons. Please wait in your car.


In The Gym

  • Wash/sanitize your hands immediately after entering the building and before leaving.
  • We miss you! But please no contact with staff or each other.
  • Athletes will be required to stay in their marked training section. If equipment is required, they may ask staff to retrieve it for them.
  • Coaches will be providing hands-off instruction. No spotting will be permitted.
  • We do not recommend wearing face masks while training. If you prefer your athlete to wear one please provide a signed note stating you would like them to wear it.
  • Athletes will exit one at a time through the main door. Parents please be on time to pick up your athlete.


For your protection we are doing the following to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Screening staff for symptoms daily
  • Screening athletes for symptoms daily
  • Limiting the number of people in the gym according to the current government guidelines
  • Providing non-contact coaching
  • Sectioning training areas to ensure physical distancing is met
  • Cleaning all surfaces after each entry
  • Cleaning the bathrooms after each use
  • Only allowing coaches to retrieve equipment for use by athletes
  • Sanitizing equipment immediately after use
  • Not allowing use of equipment that can absorb germs (fast track)