Illness Policy

  • Generally speaking if an athlete is contagious, please keep them home
  • If an athlete is well enough to attend practice, but at a limited capacity please have them come to practice but speak with the coaches ahead of the practice to understand what they are capable of doing
  • If the practice in question falls within the four practices before a competition please be sure to reach out to the coaches and gym
  • Please make sure to contact the gym and/or coaches prior to the practice if the athlete will not be at practice due to illness

4 Practice Policy

  • At CPA, in order to ensure our teams & athletes are the best prepared for a competition, it is our policy that the 4 practices directly prior to a competition are 100% mandatory
  • Exceptions to this policy would be contagious illness, death in family, unexpected injury etc
  • Unacceptable reasons to this policy would be birthday parties, hockey games, concerts, planned vacations etc
  • If an athlete misses one of these practices for an unacceptable reason they MAY have their position filled in with another athlete for that specific upcoming competition

**Please note that this is NOT something CPA wants to enforce, but also note that cheerleading is a sport that generally DOES NOT have substitutes.  This means that there is not someone sitting on the bench to fill in and the team comes before any one athlete.  Please understand that although a family & athlete may feel CPA is punishing them, it is more of a punishment to the rest of the team to not fully have them prepared for the next competition