Injury & Illness Policy

Illness Policy

  • Athletes that are well enough to attend practice, but at a limited capacity should attend practice. Please notify coaches ahead of practice (through BAND or in person) to discuss what they are capable of doing
  • If an athlete is contagious or bedridden please keep them home
  • If the practice in question falls within the four practices before a competition please be sure to reach out to the coaches and gym
  • Please make sure to contact the coaches prior to the practice if the athlete will not be at practice due to illness using BAND.


Injury Policy

We kindly ask that you report any injury of an athlete that occurs outside of practice to the coaches in a timely manner so they can plan ahead for that practice.

An injury that occurs within a practice will be communicated to the parent/guardian by a coach the same evening as the practice. If a more serious injury occurs at practice a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian immediately.

Minor Injures

  • The coaches are happy to work with athletes to avoid putting them in situations that may aggravate the injury. The expectation being that the athlete does everything they can at practice to allow the team to practice at 100%
  • Please keep the coaches informed of any changes
  • If a minor injury persists close to a competition the coaches may need to make a decision about your athletes role in the routine
  • A parent requesting that an athlete not participate in a practice due to a minor injury will also be required to inform the coaches to allow their athlete to participate at 100%. Coaches cannot go on an athletes word they can participate and will need the parent/guardian to give permission to participate again in situations like this. If an issue is serious enough to remove an athlete from participation at a practice, then we need permission for them participate again.

Major Injuries

  • If an injury requires a visit to a doctor it will also require a doctor's note to return to practice.
  • Concussions will also require a doctor's note to return to practice
  • This is for your athletes and our coaches protection