Tumbling Classes


Tumbling classes for Season 18 will be offered monthly all season.  You will be able to register for tumbling classes for the following month the last week of the current month. 

December Classes Available November 30th at 7:00pm

January Classes Available December 18th at 5:00pm

February Classes Available February 1st at 7:00pm

March/April Classes Available March 4th at 9:30pm

For September on, Tumbling Classes will go back to 4 athletes per class, one hour at a time, & be offered in the following levels:

Beginner, Level 1, Level 1.5, Level 2, Level 2.5, Level 3, Level 4, & Level 5

Athletes will be learning the required skills within the level to allow them to, in time, progress to the next level.  Please read the pre-requisites of the level you are looking to sign your athlete up for prior to doing so.  If you are unsure of which level to register for, we would be happy to help you assess your athlete by setting up a private assessment.

If we believe they do not meet the requirements for the level they have been registered for, OR, their skills far exceed the level they have been registered for they will be automatically moved to the correct level.  If that level is full, your athlete will forfeit their tumbling spot for that month and be automatically registered for the correct level the following month.

Report Cards for each level can be viewed HERE

Please email info@cheerprideallstars.com if you have any questions about these classes.