Attendance/Final Four Practice Policy

Please message your team coaches on BAND (use the chat feature and please include all team coaches as well as athlete & parent when under 18) for any illness or planned absence as soon as possible. If you know of an absence please discuss with your coach. A possible fill in for the dates of absence may be required so your athletes team can continue to practice in your/your athlete’s absence.

  • Competition Attendance: Is 100% mandatory
  • Practice Attendance: All team practices are MANDATORY throughout the entire season. One member's absence has a negative impact on all other team members. Be prepared to rearrange your schedules as needed. We will maintain a consistent schedule throughout the season in order for you to be able to make personal plans in advance. Extenuating circumstances preventing your athlete from attending may include a funeral or contagious sickness, but a siblings hockey game, concert, or a birthday party are not.
  • Illness: We are living in a world that is learning to live with the potential of getting COVID-19. If your athlete is not feeling well but is testing negative for COVID-19 we request they still attend practice and participate to the best of their ability. Or at the very least, attend practice. If they are contagious keep them home.
  • Routine Adjustment: Coaches reserve the right to adjust an athlete's positions on the team based on lack of attendance. This adjustment may be necessary for the team to move on productively in the case of poor attendance of an athlete.


Final Four Practice Rule

The Final Four practices prior to a competition are 100% mandatory. This rule has been implemented to ensure teams are ready to compete and all athletes feel confident in their roles.

Athletes who are absent during one of the final four practices may have their role in the routine adjusted so that the team can practices all building skills without interruption. It is up to the team coaches' discretion on what adjustments are required for the team to feel most confident in the upcoming competition. In most cases the absent athlete is still able to compete in an adjusted capacity (with some exceptions where divisions would be affected).

In order to check if a practice falls within the Final Four, go to your team's BAND calendar. We strive to keep these calendars up to date for your convenience. When in doubt, check with your team coach. CPA strives to provide practice schedules as far in advance as possible and we ask that you plan vacations, concerts, parties, family dinners etc. accordingly.

    Please note that this policy is NOT something CPA wants to enforce, but cheerleading is a sport that requires all athletes at all times. Teams DO NOT have substitutes. One athlete's absence affects the entire team and their ability to prepare. Please understand that although a family & athlete may feel CPA is punishing them, it is more of a punishment to the rest of the team to not fully have them prepared for the competition.


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