Tumbling Pre-Requisites

 CPA Tumbling Pre-Requisite Skills List

The following list of skills are the necessary prerequisites required in order to register for a tumbling class at CPA.  For example, in order to register your athlete for Level 2 tumbling, please read the list of prerequisites below.  As long as they have those skills, you can register your athlete for that level.

  • There are no prerequisite skills required for this class


Level 1
  • Cartwheel (one or both legs)
  • Handstand and/or handstand pops
  • Fall back to bridge
  • Bridge kickover
  • Handstand fall to bridge
**Recommended Front Roll to standing, Back Roll to plank


Level 1.5 *minimum of 2 of the following
  • Front Walkover 
    • straight legs & unassisted down cheese OR straight legs light spot on ground
  • Back Walkover 
    • straight legs & unassisted down cheese OR straight legs light spot on ground
  • Roundoff “set”


Level 2
  • Front Walkover straight legs & unassisted
  • Back Walkover straight legs & unassisted
  • Roundoff with a rebound
  • Connected skills (Front Walkover-Cartwheel-Back Walkover)
**Recommended Handstand Snapdown back to Handstand, Strong Jump Back drills


Level 2.5
  • Back Handspring with good technique
  • Roundoff Handspring with a set
  • Back Walkover Handspring

**Will perfect the skills above and learn how to build power


Level 3
  • Roundoff multiple handspring unassisted on floor with set
  • Ability to jump from a kneeling position onto feet
  • Roundoff handspring from a kneeling position
**Recommended straight legs & legs together for EVERYTHING
**Ability to jump backwards onto a block


Level 4
  • Consecutive Standing Back Handsprings with a set
  • Front Tuck
  • Cartwheel set
  • Roundoff Handspring Tuck (unassisted on floor)
  • Holding a hollow body position for 1 minute
**Recommended straight legs & legs together for EVERYTHING
**Recommended a roundoff handspring tuck while keeps arms in set position


Level 5
  • Roundoff Handspring Layout (unassisted on floor)
  • Standing single OR multiple Handspring Tuck
  • 2 of the following:
    • Standing Tuck
    • Front Tuck followed by a running tumbling line ending in a tuck minimum (unassisted)
    • Whip into either a handspring or a flipping skill on floor & unassisted