Vaccination Passport Policy

CheerPride All Stars Vaccination Passport Policy

*PARTICIPANT - an athlete entering the CPA facility with the sole intention to participate in the sport of cheerleading at that time

*SPECTATOR - an individual entering the CPA facility to view/watch a participant


Participants Entering CPA

  • As of September 22, 2021, under Ontario Regulation 645/21, CPA will require all participants ages 18 and older to provide proof of vaccination to participate in the sport of cheerleading
  • Any participant ages 17 and under will not be required to provide proof of vaccination while entering CPA with the purpose participating in the sport of cheerleading


Spectators Entering CPA

  • The lobby will remain closed at this time to spectators
  • Should a family member need to enter the lobby to pick up clothing, make a payment, fill out forms, use the washroom etc, they will NOT be required to provide proof of vaccination
  • When the lobby does reopen, ANY spectator entering the lobby to view a practice that is 12 years of age or older will be required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated. Again, this will be required for everyone in the lobby even if they are an athlete, but is not practicing at that time


Guidelines for Providing Proof of Vaccination

  • As of September 22, 2021, CPA will be following the Proof of Vaccination for Businesses as set out by the Provincial Government
  • Upon entry each spectator will be required to do the following:
    • Show Ontario’s proof (or other provincial equivalent) of 2 dose vaccination Example
    • Show ID that provides matching name AND date of birth to vaccination proof
    • Date MUST be 14 days prior to date of entry into CPA
  • Once provided, CPA will confidentially record who has provided proof to have it easily accessible so those spectators re-entering CPA at a later time will not have to go through the process again, but instead have their name looked up by who is at the front desk
  • CPA will NOT be recording any confidential information about any individuals proof of vaccination, but only that they have provided it to CPA

*According to the government data, this will change to a QR code as of October 22, 2021 & CheerPride will adapt accordingly when that time comes