Attendance Policies

All team practices are MANDATORY throughout the entire season. One member's absence has a negative impact on all other team members. Be prepared to rearrange your schedules as needed. We will maintain a consistent schedule throughout the season in order for you to be able to make personal plans in advance.

Any absences MUST be cleared by CPA Administration two weeks before the scheduled practice time. Absence forms are available at the office and must be filled out and brought to your coach.

In the case of a contagious or hospitalized illness, a phone call or email to the gym must be placed at least an hour before the scheduled practice. If there is no one in the office to answer the phone, please leave a detailed message that includes the athlete name, team/class and date.

In the case of a non-contagious illness* or an injury, athletes are expected to attend practice and participate to the best of their ability. Even when sitting out, athletes can see any changes made to routines or any new techniques or skills learned at practice.

*Please see our COVID-19 policies

Coaches reserve the right to adjust athlete’s positions on the team based on lack of attendance. This adjustment may be necessary for the team to move on productively in the case of poor attendance of an athlete.

Choreography day is MANDATORY and vital to the team’s preparation for the season. Dates will be finalized immediately following registration.

Athletes missing practice for ANY REASON within the 4 practices before a competition may have a diminished role in the routine for that competition.


Classes that are cancelled due to extreme weather will not be rescheduled. Severe weather is beyond our control and the safety and well-being of our athletes and staff must be taken as first consideration. Any cancellations will be posted on the CheerPride website, Facebook and Twitter. When in doubt, email the gym to find out if practices have been cancelled.



If you must be absent, please do the following:

  • Visit the front desk to obtain an absence form
  • Complete both sections of the form
  • Find an athlete to fill in (the APC Facebook group can be a great way to find someone)
  • The athlete must bring the form to their COACH and get approval

Please note, following these steps does not exempt an athlete from the attendance policies and/or Final Four Rule.